About Sam

Hi my name is Sam Williams

I am a mother of four living in Cwmbran, I decided to start fundraising for Cancer Research UK and Peter Andre Fund as they are causes close to my heart, after losing several family members to this awful disease..It’s effected my family as we lost my brother in law Mark aged just 40 and then a few yrs later my cousin who was in his fourties too. I have limited mobility and felt pretty useless and suffer with depression but raising awareness and funds for charity has given me something positive to focus on.

Please take a look around the site and I welcome any idea’s or comments about the fundraising I have done or that I am looking to organise or events that are coming up.



4 thoughts on “About Sam

    • Hi David, My name is Chris and i am helping Sam with the website can you confirm if you have received an email which Sam sent after your last comment? Just want to make sure it got to you if not would you be able to email me at chris@takingthestrain.co.uk so that i can pass on the correct email address for Sam to contact you on.
      Many Thanks for your support


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